Monday, November 05, 2007

My Winter Wish List

First of all, I can't resist a quick recommendation for the latest book in Mercedes Lackey's Elemental Mage series, "Reserved for the Cat." Great fun, a fire master as a major protagonist, and a magical, talking cat named Thomas in the midst of it all. Well worth a read, and, as with all of Lackey's books, a tale well told that keeps you up late turning pages.

Now, on to my winter wish list. I've read some of these books, but do not have copies, and some are out of print, alas. God willing, I will run across some of them on Amazon or at a library sale. Or, with any luck, I will get a Barnes and Noble or Amazon gift certificate for my birthday on December 12. One can only hope!

By Linnea Sinclair:
Dream Quest
Destiny's Game
The Down Home Zombie Blues

By Sharon Lee and Steve Miller:
Web of the Trident
Sword of Orion
Calamity's Child
Master Walk

By Diane Ackerman:
The Zookeepers Wife: A War Story
Writing as a Spiritual Quest
Twilight of the Tenderfoot

By Robin McKinley:
The Stone Fey
Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits

By Shana Abe:
The Last Mermaid
Queen of Dragons

By Jim Butcher:
Small Favor

By Jacqueline Carey:
Good Gossip

By Joanne Harris:
The Lollipop Shoes

Fingers crossed that my husband and friends keep an eye out for these titles, too!
There is nothing better, in my opinion, than "bed badgering" on a cold day or evening witha warm throw blanket, a hot mug full of decaf tea, a bit of toast and a stack of good books. MMMMMM. Add a bit of good lighting and you're set for hours of enjoyment.