Sunday, February 06, 2005

Welcome to my library!

Hi there!
Welcome to my library of books I've read, books I am going to read, and books I yearn for...come on in, grab a comfy chair by the fireplace and lets talk books.
I've been an avid reader since age 4, 40 years ago, and I've read every genre there is, and some that defy description.
Science Fiction and Fantasy are my favorite pleasure reads, along with literature, classics, general fiction, non fiction and some poetry.
I'll read anything written by the following authors: (not in any particular order)
John Steinbeck (classics)
Patricia McKillip (fantasy)
Lois McMaster Bujold (science fiction and fantasy)
Steve Miller and Sharon Lee (science fiction/space opera)
Ray Bradbury (science fiction, especially sf short stories)
Diane Ackerman (creative non fiction)
Jane Yolen (fantasy, young adult lit)
William Kennedy (literary fiction)
May Sarton (fiction, poetry)
Syne Mitchell (science fiction)
Arthur C. Clarke (science fiction/ non fiction)
Isak Dinesen {Baroness Karen Von Blixen} (classics)

That's my top twelve best of the best, and I hope to add to that number by finding more authors whose prose sparkles with lush imagery and intelligent, well-drawn characters. I also can't abide authors who have no sense of plot movement, or who are unable to actually tell a riveting story that has believable, interesting characters.
I also dislike authors that adhere to stereotypes and cliches instead of doing the real work of creating something fresh and new.

I plan to add several reviews to this blog soon. Right now, I must get ready for the Super Bowl party my dearly beloved Jim and I are hosting.
See you later, sweet potater!

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