Thursday, August 10, 2006

Something Rich and Strange

Before we begin with Patricia McKillips fantasy novel, I'd like to post a listing of independent bookstores from public broadcasting via the librarians internet list.
On this site "you will find a list of independent booksellers [in the Puget Sound area of Washington state] ... along with their book recommendations -- 'Best Picks' for that month." Includes bookstores in Seattle, Bellingham, Olympia, and Whidbey Island. From KPLU, a public radio station from Seattle/Tacoma.URL:

Now on to "Something Rich and Strange" by Patricia McKillip, with a cover illustration by Brian Froud.
As with all of McKillips fantasy novels, this book is beautifully written, rife with hypnotic prose that wisks you away to another world that exists alongside our mundane lives. In all fairness, I must state that I've read nearly everything McKillip has written, with the exception of "Harrowing the Dragon," a short story collection in my TBR. I've loved all of her works, and found myself wishing that I had half McKillips talent for crafting gorgeous paragraphs that read like dreamy poems. As I don't, I just have to satisfy myself with being a fan of her work, and pushing them on friends and relations who haven't heard of her fine texts.
This novel is the story of Megan and Jonah, two oddballs who fell in together and are both fascinated with the sea. They encounter two mer-people who bascially lure them under the sea, and make them responsible for all the misdeeds humans have perpetrated on the oceans of the world. Why these two is not fully explained, but the descriptions of the underwater world, the sea creatures of legend and the beauty of the waves, tidepools and shore all make great reading. I would recommend this book for those who love sea legends and artistry.
Now if McKillip would only grace us with her presense here in the Seattle area, I could get my collection signed!

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