Sunday, October 08, 2006

Angel With Attitude by Michelle Rowen

"Angel with Attitude" is a funny, fluffy read that is just absorbing enough for a good time. It's what some might call a good "beach" read, but I prefer to think of such light and easy fare as "mental vacation" reading. To be honest, I don't think anyone can read the hard stuff all the time. The last book I read was very serious and intense, so I felt the need to kick back and relax with something none too taxing. The Angel with 'tude in this book is a wise-cracking blonde named Valerie Grace, who gets thrown out of heaven for the sin of pride in her work. She meets a "hottie" demon from Hell, sent to tempt her into giving up her soul, and after some shenanigans involving a key to the backdoor of heaven, falls in love with said demon. Inbetween, we meet a rat of a boyfriend and his witch girlfriend, a 'gay' demon who writes romance novels, and Lucifer himself, who turns out to be an okay guy, somehow. I enjoyed the funky characters, the bizarre and silly take on heaven and hell, and the zippy plot that was like a cheetah on stopped for nothing, and parts went by so fast it was a blur. There's the requisite happy ending, the hot sex, and the 'maturing' of the main character that is found in most decent romance novels. I am not a huge fan of romance, but I do like fantasy novels, and this particular novel fit the bill for off-beat fantasy that provides some prime escapism without the intense prose or convoluted plots and sub plots. I recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys modern romance fiction with a slight twist.


Nini said...

I agree with your assessment of this book, DeAnn, and if I were on a beach I might have enjoyed it more! As it was, on a rainy October night, on antibiotics yet, I kept trying to analyze this book much too deeply to really appreciate the fun irreverent style of it. I kept thinking, if the show “Charmed” were crossed with a sit-com and a Harlequin romance, this might be the result. That is not to pooh-pooh its curative properties. When I was suffering from post traumatic stress a couple years back, for some unknown reason, Charmed became my panacea of choice. Good over evil, having some power against the seeming randomness of living. Sometimes I have to hold onto a book for a year or more before it’s the perfect moment, the best time for me to read it.
I need a book cellar, really, so I can “read no book before its time.”

DeAnn G. Rossetti said...

Thank you so much for your comment!
And I agree that the book is very lighthearted and doesn't bear up to scrutiny, really. But I can see where you'd want to watch something like "Charmed" for recuperation. It's not a show that has any depth at all, and that's what is fun about it. I watch Gilmore Girls for much the same reason...its fun, and the characters take me away from my own troubles for awhile, with wit and style.
Thanks again!