Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My two Latest BOFFM Reviews

The following two reviews are up on the Big Ol Face Full of Monster Web site (gomonstergo.com) and will be published in their next magazine as well.
Here are the links:


Meanwhile, I'm almost done with "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio" by Terry Ryan for my book group, and I have really enjoyed this story of hope and determination on the part of a mother of 10 in the Midwest.

I'd also like to post that, while my review of Linnea Sinclairs "Games of Command" wasn't gushy and saccarine, it also wasn't damning with faint praise.
I love Linnea's books, and eagerly look forward to her next SF/Romance hybrid, which I snatch off the shelf of the bookstore the minute I am able to do so. Linnea is a rarity, in my book, as an author who can write credible science fiction and still manage to have at least one romance threading through the plot at the same time. No mean feat, considering how few modern authors can even write a decent SF novel without any romance. Linnea's characters are fully realized, fascinating and fun, her plots zoom along with vigor and a blessed lack of triteness, and her prose is generally tight and tough, exposing her background in journalism. Considering that the woman has had two other careers before this one, I think she's a marvel. I only wish she could create more SF/Romance books in short order, as I would enjoy having a nice backlog of them on my TBR stack to look forward to, after I finish my requisite books for reviews.
Thanks, Linnea, for your imaginative, fun world-building talents. You are a bright spot in a genre that can use as much light as it can get.

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