Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Funny and Odd Book Titles

The following is from Shelf Awareness, a listserve I'm on that deals with librarians and booksellers.

Forget the Oscars. We now have the much-anticipated shortlist for this
year's Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year. In announcing
this year's list, the Bookseller magazine noted that "Horace Bent, the Bookseller diarist and custodian
of the Diagram Prize, said: 'I confess: I have been anxious that as
publishing becomes ever more corporate, the trade's quirky charms are
being squeezed out. Lists are pruned, targets are set, authors are
culled. But happily my fears have been proved unfounded: oddity lives

And now, the list:

* I Was Tortured by the Pygmy Love Queen
* How to Write a How to Write Book
* Are Women Human? And Other International Dialogues
* Cheese Problems Solved
* If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs
* People who Mattered in Southend and Beyond: From King Canute to Dr

The winner will be announced March 28.

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