Sunday, September 21, 2008

Almost a Goddess is Almost Incomplete

I was attempting to read Judi McCoy's "Almost A Goddess" in MM Paperback (I bought it at the Maple Valley Library Sale) and once I finished page 139, I turned to page 140 and it was BLANK. Yes, you read that right. Totally blank, with no print at all. Then page 141 was followed by another blank page, and so on for every other page!
I tried to continue to read the book, but without the information on the blank pages, it was nonsense.
And there isn't a thing I can do, having bought the book from a library sale for a mere 50 cents.
So I just reserved a copy from the KCLS web site, and I am going to have to wait to read what really happens on page 140.
Meanwhile, though, I am left with the dilemma of what to do with this sham of a book, with all its blank pages.
I can't, in good conscience, donate it back to the library book cart, as then another reader would end up just as frustrated once they hit page 140. I am not crafty or creative enough to recycle the book and make some thing clever from it, like a handbag or a book end.
What I'm left with is the option of tossing the book in the trash, and hoping no one will take pity on it and fish it out to resell it.
It's like a bag full of holes or a box without a just has limited uses, if any at all.
I'm amazed that Avon Romance, the publishers of this novel, would let something like this slip. A book with blank pages? What are the chances? I understand, though, that proofreaders are hard to come by, as are copyeditors, so I always expect to find more than a few typos, especially in mass market paperbacks, which are considered somewhat disposable.
But I don't expect to face blank pages with no text.
There is a blurb on the cover of this novel that reads "Judi McCoy dazzles," Rachel Gibson. I got news for you, Ms Gibson. Judy McCoy is far from dazzling as an author, at least with Almost a Goddess. More like a futile little fizzle than anything.


Erin Strassner said...

My book is the same way. It has several blank pages in it.

DeAnn G. Rossetti said...

Thanks for stopping by, Erin, though I am unsure how you found such an old post on my book blog. Still, for some reason your comment was posted several times and I am trying to get one of them removed, since they say the same thing. But I am sorry to hear that your copy of this book had blank pages in the text. That's just no fun at all.