Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Great Idea

"Why do they always name schools after politicians and movie stars? Why
don't they name a school after a teacher?" the late Frank McCourt often
asked. Now his wish may come true. New York
magazine reported Mayor
Michael Bloomberg "is expected to soon announce the creation of the
Frank McCourt High School of Writing, Journalism and Literature, an
application-only high school to open next fall on West 84th Street."

Shortly before his death, McCourt was told that the school project might
happen. According to Tom Allon, a former student, now a teacher, "I
said, 'It's looking very good, Frank, and there's a lot of good will
about it.' He said, 'What an honor. What a great thing that would be.'"

I think this is a great idea, to name schools for writers, but at the same time, I fear that there will be no jobs for those students once they graduate, as journalism is a dying art/skill/career.

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