Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Video My Husband Made For Me, Plus the Amazon Kerfuffle

Here is a link to a video that my husband made for me, because he thinks I am a hero, which is sweet, if inaccurate.

I actually think its ridiculous, and I don't want to post it to my Facebook page, mainly because I take such a bad picture that I don't want everyone to be subjected to my ugly mug shot.

Anyway, this past weekend there was a huge, history-making dust-up between titans Amazon.com and MacMillan Publishers. Author John Scalzi has perfectly summarized the whole mess into a concise, intelligent post on his blog, Whatever.
Here's the link to it, enjoy.


Amazon fail
All the Many Ways Amazon So Very Failed This Weekend
Leaving aside the moral, philosophical, cultural and financial implications of this weekend’s Amazon/Macmillan slapfight and What It All Means for book readers and the future of the publishing industry, in one very real sense the whole thing was an exercise in public communications, a process by which two very large companies made a case for themselves in the public arena. And in this respect, we can say this much without qualification: oh, sweet Jesus, did Amazon ever hump the bunk.

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