Friday, February 04, 2011

Save the Libraries (in the UK) on Saturday

It would appear that libraries in the United Kingdom are in as difficult financial straits as many American businesses and institutions. Yet libraries are the bedrock of any community, as necessary as city hall and city councils. So I support these folks in Britain with my heartfelt hope that they can reopen the libraries and with my eyeballs reading tomorrow.
From Mediabistro's GalleyCat:
Save Our Libraries Day Is Tomorrow
By Maryann Yin on February 4, 2011 3:47 PM

Tomorrow (February 5th), readers around the U.K. will gather to protest the more than 350 possible library closures in England–Voices for the Library’s special “save our libraries day of action.” The group’s Facebook page already counts 740 participants.

The day of action will feature read-ins around the country. In addition, author appearances and storytelling events are also planned.

Librarians and information professionals formed Voices for the Library last August with this goal: “[To create] a place for everyone who loves libraries to share their stories and experiences of the value of public libraries. We don’t want to lose our libraries, and we aim to ensure future generations continue to enjoy access to free unbiased public libraries and librarians.” (via Publishers Weekly)

And last but not least, a very funny video about getting kids to read the classics. from Shelf Awareness:
"Did Charles Dickens like jam, Dad?" Buzzfeed featured a video exploring
the funny, if unlikely, potential for getting kids to read the classics
with tasty editions like Dickens' Fruit Corners It's
a book... and it's jam.

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