Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bookstore, the Musical

This is a brilliant idea, making a musical about a bookstore! I wish I'd thought of it, being the theater major and book junkie that I am!
From Shelf Awareness:

Bookstore: the musical. Tonight is opening night for the Atlantic Beach
(Fla.) Experimental Theatre's production of Bookstore
http://www.shelf-awareness.com/ct/uz3642037Biz11071866, an original musical
comedy by Richard Wolf (book and music) and Jane McAdams (lyrics). The
show "is set in a small independent New York City bookstore run by Tony
Gambini (David Jon Davis), who has a demanding ex-wife and is struggling
to compete with the mega-stores and online retailers," the Florida
Times-Union http://www.shelf-awareness.com/ct/uz3642037Biz11071867

Wolf said that even though the musical was written six years ago, it is
still timely: "Certainly with the way the economy has gone and the way
book publishing has changed and now with Kindle. When you are an
independent bookstore trying to compete, it is a tough thing."

The Bookmark bookstore is partnering with ABET for this production and
has donated nine $20 gift certificates, to be given away to an audience
member at every performance. "I don't plan on breaking out in song at my
store anytime soon," said Rona Brinlee, owner of the Bookmark. "But
anything that creates an awareness about independent bookstores is a
good thing."

Very cool quiz and a great slide show:

"Science fiction facts
is the latest Guardian quiz, which tests "how far have you traveled in
the many worlds of SF."

The Guardian also featured a slide show from a new exhibition at the
British Library, "Science fiction: Images from other worlds--in pictures
which "presents the rich history of SF down the ages, from Lucian of
Samosata in the second century to the Russian novel that inspired 1984."

I hope that I can attend this SF Awards weekend, because I bet it will be at the Science Fiction Hall of Fame and Museum next to the EMP in Seattle...should be pretty interesting, even if they are giving that rascal Harlan Ellison an award.

Finalists for the 2011 Locus Awards in all 15 categories may be seen
here .
Winners will be announced during the Science Fiction Awards Weekend in
Seattle, Wash., June 24-26. Also during the weekend the Science Fiction
Hall of Fame will induct Harlan Ellison, Gardner Dozois, Moebius and
Vincent Di Fate.

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