Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Bloomsday and Other Book News

From Shelf Awareness today springs all this great stuff, starting with this quote that makes me want to shout AMEN:

"There's a danger in perfectionism, in the compulsive attempt to make
every novel and story and essay an A plus, or to finish reading
everything we start. Yet there's also a danger in easy abandonment, in
the lack of persistence needed to push through the slow parts of War and
Peace or Infinite Jest, or in the lack of writerly belief in one's
powers of revision and discovery.
"In this way, as in so many others, writing and reading are metaphors
for living. In the end, you do the best you can, and then, in one way or
another, you let it go and move on."

--Frank Kovarik in The Millions

There are serious rumblings on websites and on YouTube about an upcoming announcement on JK Rowlings birthday concerning another book---what will it be about? Who knows?

Watch this space dept.:, a
mysterious website featuring "a pink holding page with the description
'coming soon' and Rowling's signature underneath," has been launched by
J.K. Rowling. The Bookseller
reported that has sparked rumors that more Harry Potter
novels are on the way, but a spokeswoman for Rowling's PR company Stone
Hill Salt said, "It is not another Harry Potter book but we cannot
reveal any more at this stage, fans will have to keep an eye on the
website. It will be launching soon."

Where the Wild Things Are was one of my favorite books to read to Nick...because what could be more fascinating than a book that starts out with "The night Max wore his Wolf suit..."

"Wild Thing" by the Troggs, of course. Flavorwire's literary mixtape for
Max from Where the Wild Things Are
("Maurice Sendak's ultimate wild child") offers a musical selection for
a child who "goes out into the wild to discover something about himself,
then returns a changed man--er, boy--able to see the real world
differently. When he gets homesick, he climbs back into his bedroom and
finds his supper waiting for him after all, still hot, the love of a
mother paramount."

After all that, today is BLOOMSDAY, wherein all manner of literary celebrations take place to revel in the works and legend of Irish author James Joyce:

Ulysses meets Twitter All day today, a
brave cast of volunteer "tweaders" will post the novel's
text 140 characters at a time through @11ysses

For literary cartographers, Google Maps features "Bloomsday 2011
with which you can "navigate your way around the globe and see the many
events organized by Irish cultural centers, arts organizations and
enthusiastic individuals."

Parting words from Irish Voice
magazine: "Around the world these days there are thousands of Joycean
scholars who make their living parsing and reparsing the great man who,
perhaps much to his chagrin if he were alive, has become a symbol of all
things Irish to millions. So celebrate this Bloomsday and if nothing
else, read some of Molly's soliloquy. It is there that the greatness of
Joyce can be seen and the celebration of his masterwork is well
deserved. Happy Bloomsday."

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