Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New To Steampunk

First, a couple of goodies from this weeks Shelf Awareness Pro:

I gotta say I know how Ms Hardy feels!

Algonquin's latest Booksellers Rock
entry focuses on Liberty Hardy, "book slinger" at RiverRun Bookstore,
Portsmouth, N.H. Our favorite of the q&a's:

"Why I do what I do: If I didn't have an outlet for talking about books,
my brain would swell and ink would leak out my ears. And it's so
satisfying putting great books into people's hands, especially ones they
haven't considered before, like High Wind in Jamaica or Jamestown. I
think books are the greatest thing in the world, and being taught to
read at a very young age was the best present I have ever been given. (A
signed copy of Skippy Dies made out to 'Lady McSexypants' was a close
second, though.)"

This made me laugh:

Beach read season continues. Flavorwire suggested "10 decidedly highbrow
but still beach-appropriate summer reads"

I said "Me, too" when I read this:
In the Guardian, Naomi Alderman considered "7 things in Harry Potter I
wish were real,"
including a time turner, magical sweets and the possibility that "every
child had access to an education that helped them reach their full

I'm currently reading a popular Steampunk novel, "The Map of Time" by Felix J Palma, and as I'm somewhat new to the steampunk genre, I must say that I am by turns horrified and gratified to read such an interesting take on the Jack the Ripper story, I just wish it were a bit less descriptive of the gory parts. Though I am reading an ARC that I bought at Powells, and I know this is a translation, I still find the prose quite good and the plot swiftly paced.
Of course I finished Gail Carringers marvelous "Soulless" a few days ago, and I've become so enamored of that steampunkish novel that I plan on buying the next two books in the series today.My husband is distracting me with Dr Who graphic novels and animated DVDs, though, so I need to get through those before embarking on the "Soulless" sequels. Reading all these books based in London England has made me want to visit the UK even more.
Perhaps when my ship comes in, I will.

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